Poisoned : chap 1



Frano was resisting, but I knew he would, that was just who he was. My brother didn’t know how to relinquish control, and no matter what the situation was he would still demand things—even if he had a gun to his head, the bandage around his head proof of that. I steered him toward the main staircase as he tried to veer off in the direction of his office.

He yanked his arm free from my hand. “I have work to do.”

I will take care of it,” I said, “and if I had just woken from a coma, I would be lying back and resting, not being a thick-headed mule still trying to work.”

He glared at me. I could see he wanted to shout in response, but for once he was keeping his voice down, my brother obviously in pain. I was furious with the Donatelli for hurting him, which they would pay for, but I was even more furious with the FBI bitch, what she had done to my brother sickening. Matteo had shown me the video from the cell where Frano and the bitch had been held. She’d knocked him out, then tied him to the bed and raped him with her fingers as well as biting his nipples, taking joy in hurting my brother. The hypocrite had yelled and screamed at Frano for raping her, then had done it back to him, denying it was the same. But the camera had shown her lies, because the lust on her face was unmistakable. Maybe I couldn’t judge her after all the things I had done, still did, but unlike her I was brought up with this life, seen people taken and killed before my eyes from a young age, told it was their lot in life, but this bitch hadn’t. She was FBI, someone who was supposed to prevent unspeakable crimes, not commit them. Although, I was starting to wonder whether this talk of her being a Salvi was true, because no normal female would act like her.

Frano muttered something I didn’t catch, probably curse words knowing him. He turned and took to the staircase. I followed him, making sure he wasn’t playing me for a fool, waiting until I turned my back before taking off to his office. I’d managed to iron out some business matters while he’d been in a coma, as well as transferring the leadership into my hands without him knowing. I also needed to contact the Black Russian, but not just yet, because I had to arrange a few things first, so that the Donatelli would take the full brunt of the Russian’s anger when he discovered what had happened to his guards.

Frano headed into his room and started stripping off the pajamas my wife had bought him for his thirty-first birthday. I averted my eyes, not comfortable with seeing my brother naked, like all those years ago when he’d stripped off to take a skinny dip in the lake. I was twelve at the time and mortified that I had grown hard at the sight of him diving into the water. Ashamed of my thoughts, I had pushed my feelings down the best I could, because there were lines that even I didn’t dare cross, brotherhood being one of them.

Frano muttered something, making me look up. He was lying under the covers, telling me to go away. I smiled at his brusque tone, finding it amusing, plus I was happy he was finally listening to me.

I let myself out of his room and quickly headed for Jagger’s cells, needing to talk to the slave called Honey. The blue-eyed guard opened the door for me, the Donatelli’s eyes and ears everywhere.

Shut the door behind me,” I said to him, not wanting the guard to hear my conversation with Honey.

He did as he was told, the man looking bored. I headed for the slave, who let out a high-pitched scream. Honey leapt off the bed and darted into the bathroom, slamming the door shut, which was pointless considering it didn’t have a lock. She probably thought I was going to rape her again, but I didn’t need to prove anything so she was safe in that respect. My monster of a father was gone, Frano couldn’t do a thing, while the Donatelli didn’t hold the same prejudices as my famiglia. Being gay to them wasn’t a weakness; it wasn’t even something to be considered, it was just a part of life. To them, preferring cock over pussy, or the other way round, was no different from liking redheads more than brunettes or picking raven-haired beauties—like Jagger, over blondes such as Honey.

I put a shoulder to the bathroom door and shoved it open, the blonde slave screaming again as she was shunted back. I grabbed her by the shoulders, slamming her hard against the wall. She grunted, then cried out for Jagger. I slapped her hard across the face, stopping her from calling for him again, even though it wouldn’t have done her any good, since he was still being held at the House of Whores, something I would change as soon as I could.

The slave’s honey-colored cheek reddened, Jagger rather unoriginal with naming her. She was a beautiful woman, reminding me of a young Anita Ekberg, no, that actress was rippling with raw sexuality, whereas Honey was sweet and innocent-looking, more of a Norma Jean before she became Marilyn Monroe. Her blonde hair was wavy and long—luscious like her curvy figure, while her eyes were bright blue, the all-American sweetie-pie. But it was wasted on me. Instead, I wanted to be holding Jagger’s neck, feeling his strength and muscles tense beneath my grip while I looked into his golden-brown eyes. I also wanted to press my body up against his muscled but slim physique, feeling his cock touching mine. Just thinking about Jagger got me hard, making me wonder whether I could fuck this bitch if I turned her around. I could close my eyes and pretend she was Jagger like I normally did when I fucked anyone but him. No. I didn’t want to, because her ass didn’t fit me like Jagger’s. His ass was so fucking tight and muscled, almost breaking my cock in two when I fucked him, the squeeze pure heaven. I groaned, imagining it, which only made the bitch start shaking.

I’m not going to rape you,” I said. I could see she didn’t believe me, probably because I was hard, or maybe because I’d already raped her a few times. “I don’t find you attractive, male ass my preference, so believe me when I say I won’t ever fuck you again. Instead, I have something else in mind for you.”

Worry colored her eyes. “What?”

I want you to seduce my brother.”

She blinked at me as though she didn’t understand my words.

I want you to make Frano fall in love with you,” I said, making myself clearer. I wanted my brother to end up with someone I could control, and not only that, I wanted him to find a nice woman unlike the ball-busters he normally went for, the same ones who always hurt him, those bitches that made him hard for nasty cunt. Which meant that Honey would have to act like a bitch at the beginning to attract Frano’s attention, otherwise he wouldn’t rise to the bait no matter how beautiful she was. And after he fell for her, then she would treat him well, like he deserved.

I don’t want your brother,” Honey said, “I love Jagger.” She cried out as I slapped her, because there was no way in hell she was ever touching Jagger again.

Jagger isn’t made for women,” I snarled, “he’s made for my cock.”

Honey stared at me in shock, her hand trembling on her cheek. The pathetic bitch didn’t deserve Jagger. Unlike her, he fought back, never stopping even though it hurt him more. I respected that, not this trembling shit this bitch was doing.

I leaned my face closer to hers. “He is no longer your master, he’s my slave. I own him and you will never touch what is mine again.”

No! He loves me!” She flinched, her hands instantly moving to her cheeks as if I was going to slap her again.

I grabbed her hands and yanked them down, taking great satisfaction in correcting her. “He never loved you, he was playing you, you stupid cunt. Everything he said to you was lies, just a means to manipulate you into doing what he wanted. And now it’s my turn to manipulate his pretty soul, making him love me as I love him.”

He will never love you!”

I let go of her hands and grabbed her neck. “He will!”

Honey started sobbing, making me wonder whether she was up to the job of seducing Frano, because he hated weak bitches. But I could only work with what resources I had, especially since the Donatelli had cleaned out all of Mario’s slave cells, leaving me with nothing, other than returning Honey when I had asked for one slave back. They had intercepted Honey on the way to the airport, the real reason why she wasn’t in Spain, which had caused me a great deal of stress trying to calm the Spanish client down, who’d already paid for her. Luckily I had bought some time by offering him three slaves in return for Honey, which I would get once I took over the Donatelli household.

My brother is a fine piece of ass, not someone to cry over,” I said to the stupid slave, who wouldn’t have gotten anyone better than Frano, let alone Jagger. “You’ll learn to love Frano, and you will make him love you too. You two will be happy together, and you will be much happier with him than where you would’ve gone. The Spaniard is a sadist, my brother is not.”

But I can’t be with your brother, I love Jagger.”

I placed my forehead on hers, wanting to head-butt that fucking ‘love’ word out of her stupid skull. “Get this into your thick head,” I growled, “Jagger does not love you, and even if he did you can’t have him, and if you want to keep all of your parts,” I grabbed one of her breasts, “you best do as I tell you.” I squeezed the breast hard, making her cry out. “Now … do you wish to keep this disgusting piece of flesh or do you want me to cut it from your body?”

K-K-Keep it,” she sobbed out, her face twisted in pain.

I let go of the offending breast. “And you are NOT to tell my brother anything that I have told you, unless you want to die a very painful death. You are also not to tell him that you left the house or anything about the Donatelli. Frano has amnesia, and I don’t want him recovering his memory, because it’ll get him killed, or worse, made into a pleasure slave since that sick priest has now decided he wants a piece of my brother’s ass, and if he touches Frano again I will hold you responsible, and will make you pay dearly.” I grabbed her soft stomach, making her squeal. “But we need to change some things about you. You are a soft bitch, so you have to harden up—and quick.” I let go of her flesh. “Which means you will not give into Frano. Instead, you will treat him roughly, and fight him all the way even when he’s hurting you, because although he’s a bastard with women, I’m a bigger one. I would mutilate you whereas he never would. So, just think about what I can do to you with this.” I pulled out my knife from my pocket and flicked it open. “Which means, when my brother’s torturing you—embrace it, because I will hurt you far more if you fail. Swear at him, look at his cock, do everything that suggests you both hate and lust after him. It will make him want you more. My brother is simple when it comes to women. Treat him bad, and he will come back and fuck you until you scream out his name in ecstasy. But, act like a weak bitch and you’ll turn him off. Understand?”

She nodded, although the pathetic sniffling continued.

Good, because I think we can work well together. And if you do everything I say I will never hurt you again.” I let go of her and kissed her on the cheek, making her flinch away. I grabbed her head and kissed her on the other cheek, then pulled back. “If you achieve what I want you will no longer be a slave, you’ll be family. Think of that to get you through what’s coming.” I turned and walked out of the bathroom, banging on the main door to be let out. The guard opened it. I grinned as I headed past him, knowing that the Donatelli should’ve put a camera in the bathroom too, because if I were them I would have one in every room.

I ascended the staircase, stopping at the top as Bianca walked through the front door. My wife was dressed in a multi-hued satin sundress with her blonde hair left loose, the soft waves cascading over her shoulders. She was gorgeous, yet I didn’t feel a thing for her, other than disgust over how she threw herself at Jagger. She may not be an old hag, but she was no match for my cousin, just a sad cougar trying to get some fresh meat that was way too tasty for her. , Jagger was tasty alright, no, delicious. I touched my crotch, my mind going to the last time I’d taken him. God, I loved him, loved everything about

him—no, that was incorrect, because I didn’t love his hate-filled words, but I was going to fix that by the end of the month.

Bianca closed the door and turned around, jolting in surprise as she clapped eyes on me. Then her face twisted in anger. I knew she hated me, but I couldn’t care less, because she was just a screen to hide my sexual preferences.

Without warning, she leapt at me, screaming that I’d raped Jagger, her claws digging into my neck and shoulder. I grabbed her and slammed her into the door, quickly jamming a hand over her mouth. I glanced behind me, counting to ten to see if Frano showed, then breathed out, relieved that the fucking bitch hadn’t ruined things—or had made things more difficult than they already were.

I leaned in, putting my face within a whisper of hers. “Keep your fucking voice down, hag,” I said, “unless you want me to snap your fucking neck,” which right now I was tempted to do, but unfortunately I needed her to keep an eye on Frano.

She glared back at me, for once not looking scared. Instead, hate burned in her eyes, no, a pure loathing I’d never seen before, so intense that I knew she would kill me if she could—but she wouldn’t because I held the jagged key to her heart—my beautiful cousin, the one man I knew she would do anything for.

I’m guessing Jagger told you I raped him,” I said.

She nodded, her eyes still blazing.

Then I’ll forgive you for that one outburst, but if you scream and attack me again, I will break your neck.” I waited a second, then removed my hand from her mouth, letting her go.

Which means you will have no one to watch Frano,” she said, her voice controlled, my wife at least smarter than Honey.

Thierry can watch him, so don’t think you’re irreplaceable.”

She continued to glare at me.

I smiled in response. “Guess that means you don’t want me to fuck you anymore.” I laughed. “Which is good, because it really was repulsive.”

Her features hardened even more. “Why would you do all of this to Jagger?”

Because I love him.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “You can’t.”

And why’s that?”

You have always treated him with disdain and cruelty, then you rape him. That doesn’t entail love.”

It entails passion for someone I couldn’t have, but I have found a way to fix that problem. And don’t get judgmental on me, because I know exactly why you married me: to get access to Jagger. I could’ve killed you for that, but to kill you I would have to care about you, which I obviously don’t. But if you ruin what I’m creating I will care, and not in a way you would want.”

Jagger cares for me; he told me he loved me this morning.”

I tensed. “You didn’t tell me you were seeing him today!”

She sneered at me. “Because you would’ve stopped me like yesterday, even though you promised I could visit him. And now I know why. He told me how you raped him. He was bleeding and in pain. How could you do that to someone you claim to love?”

Bleeding how?” I asked, wondering what the hell the Padre had done this time.

The slave with him had cleaned him up, but I still saw blood between his legs and he had damaged nipples while his cock and balls were red and swollen. How could you do that to him?”

I didn’t.”

Don’t lie!”

I’m not. I wouldn’t torture him; that would’ve been Father Michael’s doing.”

But, Jagger said you hurt him.”

I grimaced, fucked off that Jagger was making me out as the villain. Given, I’d lost my temper and had taken him yesterday without consent, but I didn’t hurt him badly, not to the extent that Bianca was describing.

Can’t deny it, can you?” Bianca said.

I didn’t make him bleed.”

Stop lying! You told me you were working this morning, but you were off over at that disgusting house raping my poor baby.”

I was working. I was in Frano’s office dealing with all the shit the Donatelli have caused.”

Why won’t you stop lying? I already know the truth. Jagger said you raped him today.”

I snorted, finally realizing what had happened. Jagger never changed his spots, even in captivity. “He’s the one lying, you idiot. He’s trying to turn you against me.”

No, he’s not, he was in agony.”

I don’t deny his pain, but it wasn’t me who caused it, like I just said, it would’ve been the Padre.”

Stop it, just stop it! Everything that comes out of your mouth is lies. You’re lying to Frano about the Donatelli…” her face hardened, “and not to mention Federico. What you allowed those bastards to do to that poor man was despicable.”

I had to give the Donatelli a token, and he was FBI, so don’t you dare pity him.”

And your father?! How could you allow him to be killed?”

I glanced over my shoulder, then looked back at her. “Easy. He was a monster. He murdered my mother, as well as my lover. He beat the shit out of me when the Padre raped Jagger, blaming me for something I had no part in. He gave me no love—just scorn, all because I’m gay. I’m happy Matteo finally sent the devil to where he belongs.”

But what about Frano? He loved the old man.”

He loved a man who isn’t even his father. No, worse, he loved a man who had killed his real father.”

Bianca blinked at me. “What?”

I sneered at her. “My father told me all about it as he beat me to a pulp, told me how he loved a child more than me that wasn’t even his own, that he would’ve sacrificed me for Frano in an instant. Frano wasn’t just named after my mother’s lover—he is the man’s son. But I can’t tell him that, because it would tear him apart.”

But how can that be?”

My mother loved taking trips to Croatia, and my father found out why.”

But why would your father treat Frano as his own?”

Because Frano is everything he wanted in a son: handsome, straight, charismatic. He told me he loved Frano more than his own life, and that I must’ve come from another man, not Frano, because no son of his would be a homosexual.”

But you look exactly like your father.”

I know that, but he still denied me, so I feel no remorse over his death. And when I take down the Donatelli, I will tell Frano it was over them killing ‘our’ father. We just need to keep him from going to the rest home for a few weeks, which means you need to make sure he takes his medication.”

She nodded stiffly, although her eyes were still filled with hate. But I didn’t care, just as long as she did what she was told.

Footsteps made me glance to my left. Jagger’s brother appeared at the top of the staircase that led to Mario’s cells, holding a mop and bucket. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes going wide as he saw me. I smiled at him, which sent him scurrying away, something he always did around me. I glanced behind me, noticing him heading for the passage leading to Frano’s office, probably to clean down there too. He didn’t need to do the servants’ jobs, but the boy was hard-working, preferring to pay for his keep than to frivol his time away. Although I knew a much better job he could do, but Thierry didn’t appear to like getting fucked, well, by me anyway, because Jagger’s brother was definitely gay.

I turned back to Bianca with a smile, her expression telling me she knew what I had done to Thierry.

He’s just a bambino!” she gasped, her expression horrified.

He’s eighteen, that’s not a baby.”

You repulse me!”

I rolled my eyes, the woman becoming tiresome. “I couldn’t care less, and if I want to fuck him you don’t have a say.” I grabbed her wrist as she went to slap me. “Try that again and I will bash the shit out of you,” I said, flinging her hand away from me.

She grabbed her wrist and rubbed at it. “Stay away from Thierry,” she ground out, her eyes blazing again. “Or I’ll kill you.”

I laughed. “Empty threats won’t stop me from doing what I like, and I’m not really interested in his sweet bottom. Although it was tasty, he was only tiding me over until I could get to his big brother.” I placed my lips next to her ear. “And even though Jagger lied to you about what I did to him this morning, visit him later: it won’t be a lie then.”

No!” she yelled, going for me again.

I grabbed her and flung her to the floor. She scrambled backwards, looking terrified, the woman far too small to harm me. I advanced on her, pointing a finger at the worthless bitch. “Do as you’re told and I won’t wipe you completely out of Jagger’s life.”

She pushed to her feet and backed up fast, holding out her hands. “Just don’t hurt him, please. He’s already been hurt enough as it is.”

I have no intention of hurting my beautiful lover; instead I’m going to make love to him while you stay home and be the good wife.” I rushed her, shoving her to the floor again. She let out a cry, followed by a scream as I kicked her. Noise came from above me, Frano shouting, asking what was happening.

I pointed at Bianca as he appeared at the top of the staircase. “She is reaping what she sowed!” I yelled, faking rage. “I will not stand by and do nothing while being made a cockold!”

He looked at me disapprovingly.

You told me to take care of things or you would,” I said, “which I am doing now, brother.”

I meant throw her out.”

No, you meant kill her, you just forgot.”

Frowning, Frano’s gaze moved to Bianca, then he shook his head and turned away.

I looked down at Bianca and smiled. “I can kill you and he won’t do a thing, so do as you’re told and stay out of my business and my love life.” My smile widened. “Now, I’m off to make Jagger’s lies come true, that is, if I can get there before lunch, because didn’t he say I raped him this morning?” Not waiting for her reply, I spun around and headed for the front door, taking great satisfaction as Bianca started crying.

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